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Write 2 page essay on the topic SUMMARY WORKSHOP-RESEARCH METHOD CLASS.

Bryman defines quantitative data analysis as the process through which a researcher transforms all the data observed or collected into numerical data. The method of analysis often answers questions, describes events, or a situation that the “how” and “what” questions apply. The method deals with measuring or attributes that are related to quantities (Bryman 2008).

Quantitative data analysis is applied to find evidence used to prove wrong or support a hypothesis or idea. The research method operates using three types of quantitative measures including nominal, ordinal, and interval. These measures provide certain advantages that are associated with their use during the analysis of data. Quantitative analysis utilizes statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) to ensure accuracy of the results derived from the analysis. The data tool resembles a spreadsheet, but it has a different modus operandi. The statistical tool is preferred for analyzing data generated from social sciences research studies because it is tailor made for this task.

Bryman looks at a comparison of quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods with the view of their potential when they are integrated. The two levels of research approach research from different scopes of discourse and analysis. Though there are disagreements over the possibility of combining the two methods, a number of research approaches have employed a structure that closely resembles the quantitative/qualitative research approach (Bryman 2008).

The two types of research are fundamentally different and they have been described as explained. while quantitative analysis is considered rationalistic and positive qualitative analysis is considered naturalistic and constructivist. Because of these fundamental differences, the two analysis techniques are applicable in different stages of a research study (Sarantakos 2005).

In conclusion, quantitative and qualitative

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