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Need an argumentative essay on Social Media Team with a strategic mandate for customer relationship management. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Media thus helps a business organization to gather consumer base. Media also has the influencing capacity to make a product good or bad. People in the society generally have a strong faith in the advertisements and the displays of various offerings on a media source. In the present scenario, with the advent of newer technologies like internet,

the term social media has been expanded to few other aspects also. These aspects include the use of e-commerce related tools like customer relationship management, forums, social networks, and social news. Social media related applications consist of Google, YouTube, and Face book. Customer relationship management has been a major addition to the business related marketing segment (Safko & Et. Al., 2009).

Social media, as a medium of communication, has a huge amount of option and also a wide spectrum. Social media in the modern era has gained popularity with the advent of internet. People in different parts of the world have been able to share ideas, know about their culture and society by using the internet. Internet has brought the people of the world much closer. Internet has provided business organizations a different option of promoting and popularizing their products. Social media have expanded in its horizon with the innovation of social networking. As per the study of Nielsen in 2009, social networking and also blogs written by different people have been the 4th most well-liked online activity in the United States (Bonde, 2009).

Social media along with social networking have changed the method of communication and connection among people. These technologies have caught the imagination of people in all the age groups throughout the world. It has enabled business organizations to reach out to a wider audience with their offerings. Internet and email are the two sources mostly used to

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