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Write 11 page essay on the topic Strategic Management Case Study Analysis Adam Aircrafts.

A strategy is the game plan the company is using to stake out market position, conducts its activities, attract and service customers, compete successfully for achieving its organizational objectives and encompasses mobilization of resources, perceiving and utilizing the opportunities, managing risks in its operations,

resolving uncertainties and meeting challenges and threats for survival and success. The corporate strategy should be flexible, dynamic and is generally long term in nature. In this paper strategic management with reference to Adam Aircrafts has been studied for identifying the objectives of the company, problems faced by the company and the causes for such problems, strengths and weaknesses of the company, the opportunities in the industry, the external threats in relation to its operations and strategies of the company for a careful analysis and possible solutions and recommendations.

The promoter’s or the management’s views and conclusions about the company’s direction and the product-customer-market-technology focus constitute a strategic vision for the business. The promoter Rick Adam, a licensed pilot for over 18 years, hailing from a family of aviators with his successful foray into IT field had a vision on aviation sector. The company was closed and now Triton America is redesigning the A500 and A700 with the intent to return the aircraft to production at the&nbsp.Port of Skagit County, Washington. (Wikipedia, 2010) The mission of the enterprise has not changed, that is building smaller and lighter aircraft designed for the most common trip length and passenger load to deliver optimal efficiency. Also, the company wants to focus on personal jet aircraft for the average mission of less than a two-hour flight, with three and a half people on board. Though it could be construed as a narrow segmentation, the idea of the company could be to establish itself in niche market, though

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