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Need an argumentative essay on Managing in the service environment. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The customers ought to be satisfied with what the service providers have. The service providers should be able to keep customers coming back through the services provided (Martin et al 4).

Customer service dimensions are crucial in ensuring that there is satisfactory customer service from the service provider to the customers. One major dimension is known as desired service. Desired service entails a blend of what the customer believes can be done and should be done. This draws the hope and expectation of the customers from the service providers.

The procedural dimension comprises of systems and procedures that are important in the delivery of products and services. Conversely, personal dimension explains how service providers use their attitudes. behaviors and verbal skills interact with customers.

This indicates that there is proficiency in the procedural service, but the personal dimension is weak. Basically, the approach tells the customer that he /she is a ‘number’ in which the service provider is there to process (Martin et al 11).

This indicates a service that is extremely personal, but does not have procedural constituency. The approach communicates to the customer that the service provider is trying hard although they are not sure of what they are doing.

It is the best approach as it represents quality customer service at both personal and procedural dimensions. It communicates to the customer as having the knowledge to handle its issues through care, and delivery (Martin et al 11).

Employee empowerment is important in ensuring that they are in a position to make decision on behalf of the employee in terms of service provision. Moreover, it makes the employee have a sense of ownership, responsibility and to serve customer as per the standards of a given service provider (Martin et al 12).

Anticipation entails being able to predict the behavior of

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