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The selection of areas to live, friends to associate with and the feeling of discrimination by the affirmative action indicates the power of racism in the society.

1. There are some issues that are not visible or conceivable to the author but could be used to identify the challenges in society. One of the most important approach as depicted by the author is the power of choice. Despite the existence of affirmative action, personal choices still indicates the influence of race in choice of friends, possession, employment area and the living area. The situation is evident by the number of areas occupied by whites or blacks as compared to the hybrid and cosmopolitan areas. My personal choices clearly indicated the power of race unconsciously creating a feeling of discomfort when reading the article because it is the truth.

2. Before reading the article, I had not evaluated several issues that may be racism. The key issues that the article address is the role of personal choices in facilitating racism. This view has not been taken by the majority because we tend to look at people’s actions instead of our personal choices, which indicates the highest degree of racism.

3. The major area of concern after reading the article is on how personal choices can be changed to reduce the showing of racist behaviour. The challenge is on personal evaluation which may not reflect the true nature or impact of racism because it does not employ the standard evaluation actions. The main question is. “what can one do to change his personal choices to reflect acceptance of the races in the society? This is the real dilemma that creates serious confusion between affinity to the race and acceptance of the dynamic society. Favourite quote is “Racists for innocence” (Pierce 53).

The article addresses the issue of personal choice and the power of perception. The same situation is depicted in the movie Crash released in

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