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Therefore, government legislator and the airlines should provide enough time for the crewmembers to rest.

Ordinarily, the nature of the work of the pilot is complex and this therefore calls for keenness, concentration and a high level of reasoning. This is because a slight error caused by sleep or slumber can be very tragic. Normally rest is important for any living creature so as to enhance vigilance. Pilots being human are not an exemption. They are therefore prone to error. (Nicole 23)

In their published journal, International Journal of Aviation Psychology (1997), Wiegmann Douglas & Shappell Scott states that about 60% to 80% of military accidents and other aviation accidents in US are usually caused by human error. These errors involve poor decision making, the loss of situational awareness, and misleading information. These factors cause fatigue, which emanates from a lack of enough rest. The increasing rates of accidents prove that there are inadequate rests among the pilots.

Normally, the pilots with a short layover have a significantly slower response speed than a pilot with longer layover time Therefore, the pilots do find shorter layover more fatigued than longer international layover. According The Journal of Biological & Medical Rhythm Research, Nicole stated that pilots are required to fly only 8 hours in one day.However. the airlines have their way to go around this rule since they overwork the pilots. A pilot is to fly for 8 hours, and then rest for 10 hours. Most of the airlines will probably make him/her fly the return flight, which makes him fly for more than he/she should fly in one day. This causes fatigue, which has been a major source of accidents. (Nicole 23)

Although it is argued that the FAA increased the minimum rest time for pilots from eight hours to ten hours. The Fact Sheet – Pilot Fatigue Rule Comparison, 2011 states that the time is technically not enough because pilots need to have eight hours of

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