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1. Michelle Obama hit the first point by convincing the food companies. such as Doriots, Froot Loops, and SpaghettiOs to prepare only healthy foods for the children by changing the packaging system. Her arguments were very impressive for the child specialists’ doctors. She also stated the thinking of the caring parents who get helpless in the presence of junk foods to make their children overweight. She made the mind of health nutritionist of New York University by saying the statement, “It was a knockout. And absolute knockout”

2. Michelle Obama was recognized as a best spokeswoman by running the campaign against obesity children. She urged for light calories lunch for the school children to not increase the weight. For this purpose, she requested to the food companies to advertise only obesity-free foods in the marketing process. The concept of Group and partnership food marketing service was introduced by following the settled rules and regulations to prepare and sale low calories and anti-obesity foods for children during their lunch in the schools, and many food companies were ready for these types of partnerships for their school children.

3. Main achievement of Michelle Obama campaign is that many food companies have changed their products accordingly her wish for the sake of anti-obesity program. During a summit, which was organized by the Partnership for a Healthier America, in November 2011, Michelle Obama addressed the audience by congratulating the food manufacturing companies by lowering the quantity of salt and sugar from the school children’s’ lunch menus. She also congratulated to those grocery stores to helping the students by healthy and weight free food items. During the summit, she also appreciated the efforts of children and parents to cooperate her mission for their welfare.

Round about sixty five years ago, a lunch program

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