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Need an argumentative essay on Good Deed report. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The supervisor approved the commendation and agreed to send it the next day. furthermore, he added a $300 bonus for Roseanne’s actions and a commendation for her trainer.

The supervisor is pleased with Roseanne’s handling of the concerns of the customer, which shows her training and personal work ethics, so he includes a bonus for her and a commendation for her trainer. He describes the work of customer representatives as sensitive emotional labor. He emphasizes the importance of bonuses in financially compensating excellent workplace actions. This bonus shows that the company values exemplary employee attitudes and behaviors. In Roseanne’s case, it is impressive that after only two weeks in the job, she shows remarkable dexterity in handling complex cases and infuriated customers. The supervisor further commends her trainer, who is also happy with Roseanne’s performance. The trainer uses Roseanne as an example for new trainees.

Customer service agents are at the forefront of serving and making customers happy. If they do something right, they get a commendation and positive performance review. But if they go beyond their duties and excel in doing so, they deserve a bonus. Hence, the supervisor approved the request and positively reinforced commendable workplace behaviors.

Employees, who go above and beyond the call of duty, have to be properly commended to reinforce their good behavior. Reinforcement studies in the workplace suggest the importance of timing positive rewards in sustaining and spreading positive behaviors. On 25 September 2012, Roseanne Blythe, a customer service and sales agent, was about to end her shift when an irate customer called in. She did not only restore a disgruntled customer’s faith in the company, she also increased revenues, when that customer opened twenty accounts amounting to $5,000 every month. Hence, I recommend for her to get a public commendation for the positive performance

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