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Need an argumentative essay on National culture and commitment-5. Needs to be 25 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Hypothesis 4:Western managers who have had previous expatriate experience in a collectivist culture (Middle East & Asia) will have a higher level of organisational commitment than their western colleagues who haven’t had such experience.

Hypothesis 5:Saudi managers who have had previous expatriate experience in individualistic cultures (West) will have a higher level of professional commitment than their Saudi colleagues who have not had such experience.

This chapter will serve to detail the results of the analyses conducted testing these six hypotheses. Initially, a set of descriptive statistics concerning the dependent and independent variables included in later analyses will be presented and discussed. Following this, reliability analyses concerning the dependent variables in question will be presented. Next, correlations between the four dependent variables of interest will be presented. The remainder of this chapter will be structured such that each hypothesis will be presented and discussed individually. Finally, a conclusion section will serve to summarize the results detailed in this chapter.

The survey that was distributed for this study was sent to 850 individuals in total. In sum, 567 usable responses were received from this group of individuals, which translates into a response rate of 66.71%. Out of these 567 respondents, 177 were Saudi individuals working at Saudi companies, 190 were Saudis working within IJVs, and 200 were Westerners working in IJVs. Table 1 presents a summary of the breakdown in respondents on the basis of nationality.

The majority of participants in the sample were male (99.6%), were in Engineering (67.7%), were working outside their home countries (56.1%), and had Bachelor’s degrees (66.0%). The nationalities of the sample were divided evenly among Saudis (31.2%), Saudi IJVs (33.5%), and Western IJVs (35.3%). Each of the variables from Table 2 is also

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