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Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses Contemporary Middle East History (US INVOLVEMENT IN IRAQ).

The incidents of September 11, 2001 drawn the attention of the public, legislators, and analysts on identifying, under disastrously altered conditions, the political and policy purpose of the U.N. charter’s declaration in Article 2(1), which designates the “sovereign equality of its Members” (Weis et al.

2004, 232). This was specifically true provided that the attacks were at that point bound for at the global solitary superpower, whose instinctive comeback was to bring its bear its armed forces, also its economic and political powers, and to formally oblige itself to a permanent war against any act of terrorism.

As anyone would have thought, the early tendency of the United States, involving the bulk of its population, was to take in response directly and without using up time on widespread multilateral discussions. However, the body of states at the United Nations articulated advocacy for self-defense procedures in the Security Council and General Assembly in September 2001. And the moment the instigators of the attack were named, the U.S. labored significantly through multilateral channels in chasing Al Qaeda in their temporary defensive fortification in Afghanistan, and the Taliban administration that harbored them. Since the collapsing of the latter, legislators have been looking for reasonable next move in the war on terrorism (Crane & Terrill, 2003).

It is at this point in time that matters of rightful response to September 11 become more difficult. The war on Iraq apparently became section of the war on terrorism through evasion, and U.S. decision and action took in a focal point in the debate regarding the use and applicability of multilateral channels, including the U.N. The resulting disagreement over self-autonomy, human rights and war at times appeared to neglect the development of the previous five decades (ibid, 105).

There are still questions regarding the factors that persuaded

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