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Write a 4 page essay on Text Analysis about the book The Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.

In the rudimentarily backward village, the young men meet a beautiful girl, and the rest of their days are considerably influenced by her presence. A look into the nature of the main characters, the Narrator, Luo, and the Little Chinese Seamstress, proves that though the Western literature they read has considerably influenced their thinking and behavior, it is their very basic nature that comes out as their actions. In other words, the Western literature only acts as a catalyst in their change. This is evident from the fact that after reading the same literature, three of them show contradicting qualities.

In the novel, the Little Seamstress is the daughter of a wealthy tailor from a neighboring village. She is better off compared to the village standards, and capable of reading and writing though in a limited way. The Little Seamstress appears as a girl who loves independence and city life. She loves talking to people and listening to their stories. She says even her dog has acquired the nature as it keeps silence when the narrator and Luo visit her (Sijie 24). In addition, she has a bold personality that keeps her uninhibited by external influence. However, the most important point that deserves analysis at this juncture is her selfish and deceptive nature which contradicts her sweet and feminine external appearance.

This point of evil in her can be found in the fact that “she pretends not to recognize him and she does so with such conviction that you would swear she had truly forgotten her past. Oh, it was heart-breaking” (Sijie 178). At this point, one has to remember the fact that she was happily utilizing the time and effort of both the narrator and Luo for her own benefits. Despite this attachment, she feels no remorse in running away from all of them for her own growth. Admittedly, some might argue that that she decides to go to the city because Luo teaches her “the idea that you could take on the role of a

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