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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Short story analysis.

character, Soapy may be termed as a round character since he has a complex personality as he is often portrayed as a person full of conflicts and contradictions throughout the story as opposed to a flat character that only has one personality. As seen in the story, Henry indicates that Soapy takes different turns in his life (1). One would argue that Soapy does not take these decisions according to his wish but circumstances force him. A good example is when he rejects charity as he believes that he will one day pay for the favors (Henry 1). Soapy also tries to be a criminal by spending time with criminals and hopes to turn himself to jail.

From the narration of Henry, Soapy may be termed as a dynamic character. This is because Soapy changes over time due to the various crisis that he is facing. It is even arguable that Soapy is making attempts to solve his central conflicts and that his major role is to resolve the conflicts that face him. A case in point is the event that Soapy is thrown to prison even with his being an innocent person (Henry 1). Despite Soapy breaking the law through committing petty crimes, he does not behave like a criminal and his fate may be described as that of freedom. However, the same does not happen for the case of Soapy (Henry 1). These turn of events steer his life throughout the story.

The character, Soapy, plays a major role in the story. Throughout the story, the life and times of Soapy take a central place. Soapy is the protagonist and the crucial moments in his life are well explained throughout the story. He is seen to make attempts to find ways in which he will spend his winter and he opts to commit crime as opposed to getting a job. The crimes would then land him in prison on the island. A success of this plan will ensure that he gets constant food and a home as his pride cannot allow him receive public charity (Henry 1). Soapy does not want to have any pending issues with the public, so he opts to find ways of getting

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