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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic China’s economic growth.

At the core of this plan is a noninterventionist foreign-policy, meaning that even when they provide aid to various countries they are taking the position that it is not their place to interfere in the social construction in terms of human rights, political power, or social responsibility. This is a specific contrast to Western ideas, both the US and European concepts, in the way in which to conduct foreign relations. When the West brings aid into the country they do it with certain social expectations in terms of how that aid will be used. China has established a policy of nonintervention likely so that they can be seen as different from the United States, more attractive to governments, and a more likely partner in terms of economic growth.

In relationship to Africa, Chinese leaders have entered into Africa and taken tours across the various nations more than 15 times in the last decade, which far out distances the United States in terms of attention to Africa needs. The relationships between nations of Africa and China have reached more than $200 billion in trade and business as of 2012. This also represents an increase of more than 20 times that which is being conducted in the year 2000, which places China ahead of any other nation in utilizing asking resources for which contracts with Africa are now one third of the total revenue that China is establishing in terms of relationships abroad. This indicates a policy of “servicing the relationship” which means that they are given a lot of attention to African leaders in order to create strong bonds that will have impact in the future.

Chinese current GDP as of 2014 is $17.63 trillion. The GDP per capita is $12,900. The GDP is primarily composed of agriculture at 9.7%, industry at 43.9%, and services of 46.4%. The unemployment rate hovers around 4.1%, with a population that goes underneath the poverty line at approximately 6.1%. In terms of the distribution of family income China is approximately

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