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Write 15 page essay on the topic Contemporary Development in Business Management.

It does not function as a separate entity in the business, nor is it more important than any other primary activity, yet through actual and potential sales it does establish constraints within which the other activities must be performed, Marketing endeavors to fuse consumer wants and needs with the operations of a business organization,

which to survive and grow in a keenly competitive, ever changing environment, concerns itself with the mechanisms of corporate adjustment.

Nordex was founded in 1985 and since that time it achieved competitive position on the global market. Nordex brand is one of the most popular around the globe based on unique quality and exceptional product offering. Nordex operates on the slowly growing market, but the company obtains a strong market position and became one of the most popular brands in alternative power solutions. It will be the base for further expansion and market growth on the global scale. “Under the brand name Nordex we offer powerful wind turbines for almost all geographic regions across the globe” (Nordex Home Page 2008).

Nordex’s target market involves all market segments from populated and low populated regions. Nordex relies on an efficient market system and product improvement, innovative technological solutions and unique brand image. Marketing communication plays a crucial role in successful market performance as it influences brand image and product recognition. ‘Today more than 3,300 Nordex wind turbines with a total rated output of more than 4,000 megawatts are already rotating in 34 countries of the world. We are represented with offices and subsidiaries in 18 countries. In this way we are consistently seizing development opportunities in a market which will continue grow in the course of the next few years? “ (Nordex Home Page 2008).

Political /Legal factors: in Germany, political situation is marked by stability and democratization of government institutions. It is a federal

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