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Today he is presenting a lunch time programme at 91.8 Hayes FM. He is one of the most passionate reporters on the stories based on the local national stories. He was born on 17th August 1986.

Craig Doyle a TV and radio broadcaster was born in 1970. He first studied sociology and history at St. Patrick College. He pursued his post graduate studies at London College of printing. He was awarded with diploma in Broadcast journalism. He was employed by BBC radio as a news and sports presenter. He did present Disney club magazine show together with Disney and other guest. The show was filmed in different places within a week. While at BBC he presented the programme called tomorrow world as an interviewer. This was one of the most watched science programmes at BBC.

By the year 2000, he had been known for presenting sport more so appearing as guest presenter on football focus. During this time he doubled as a presenter at radio 5 live and the BBC music live. These he did until 2004 when he started doing his own show called Craig Doyle Show which was a travel celebrity programme in Ireland.

He did appear on BBC2 on Sunday Grand stand. Craig did also present world worst weather. He doubled as both a presenter and a reporter on rugby, golf and triathlon. His style of presentation made him move from BBC to ITV sport. These he did together with event covering like in Tennis and Motor racing.

I, a student of graphic and media design at London College of communication in my first year of study. I happened to book an appointment with journalist Jayson Mansaray and Craig Doyle a TV and radio broadcaster during the annual alumni conference held at famous 81/2th floor of London College of Communication.

Jayson: well, yes and no. When I was growing up I loved watching news and camera shooting. I admired news reporting. The most difficult part was identifying the best college for journalism. I developed interest in

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