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Need an argumentative essay on Three parent in vitro fertilization research paper. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The first step of the IVF is also called super ovulation and involves medicinal stimulation of the ovulation process in a woman. Contrary to the normal ovum production in a month, the stimuli initiate multiple ova production at the same time and technology helps to monitor the ovulation and the woman’s hormone. The second step of IVF however involves surgical operation that extracts the ova from the woman’s reproductive system. Pain reliever drugs are administered and ultrasound technology used to inform movement of surgical materials into the ovary for extraction. Once an ovary is dealt with, extraction is done from the other ovary. In case of a woman’s inability to ovulate, third party is involved in egg donation (Storck, 2014).

Once the egg is obtained, it is mixed with a sperm and placed in a favorable environment for fertilization that occurs naturally after a few hours. Sperm may however be forced into the egg to increase chances of fertilization. Multiple fertilizations, from the many extracted eggs can be allowed. The third stage involves monitoring and evaluation of embryos and begins days after fertilization. Tests for genetic disorders and quality of embryos are the major activities. A preferred embryo is then selected and is planted in a woman’s womb. Plantation of multiple embryos means many expected children such as twins for two implanted embryos (Storck, 2014).

People with infertility problems, reproductive system disorder and those beyond childbearing age use the I.V.F. This is because of the population segment’s inability yield desired traits of offspring. A blocked track that prevents passage of sperms or eggs is an example of complications that may force people into extraction of the elements for possible fusion. Unfavorable natural environment for fertilization in a woman’s fallopian tube is also resolved through a controlled laboratory environment. The procedure reports at most 43

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