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perations of the form are imminent since they will have to be implemented to ensure congruity between the organizations to enable the smooth flow of activities. Ideally, unlike Akbar and Sons, BP is a global company that runs operations in various countries across the world thus it will have to institute workplace diversity by composing organizational teams that have varied characters to enhance a composition of employees from diverse backgrounds to ensure the company has a pool of skills and talent that will improve its overall performance. In light of that fact, the company ought to come up with relevant solutions that will solve the problems identified to ensure Akbar and Sons is efficiently integrated into BP. Some of the proposed solutions include, the human resource department reconstituting the organizational teams responsible for the day to day running of the operations so that they can be constituted with varied individuals from different backgrounds. Additionally, prior to the changes employees were briefed on the expected changes and thus given the option to embrace them or rather leave the company if they find them to be too harsh. That way the probability of resistance to change will be minimal since those who perceive the changes to be inconsistent will have the option of leaving without any form of conflict.

Akbar and sons is an oil company based in the United Arab Emirates that has been operating for a significant period. BP oil an international oil company based in the United Kingdom is set to acquire Akbar and Sons and take over its operations. Akbar and Sons is a family owned company that maintains a tradition of social responsibility by always giving back to the society through projects and initiatives aimed at elevating the lives of the immediate communities within its operational environment. All the years the company has been in operation, it has been able to create cohesion among its employees that has culminated in the creation of a

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