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Hi, I need help with essay on Preventing Terrorism: Understanding Radicalisation, Vulnerabilty and Improving Practice. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Several European Union member nations had imposed anti-radicalisation programs. The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway and Denmark imposed their own domestic anti-radicalization strategies (Vidino & Brandon, 2012). The government’s prevent strategy stops radical terrorist attacks.

Radicalism involves terrorists who are bent on implementing criminal acts.

The acts may include suicide bombings. One of the unforgettable radical attacks is the September 9, 2001 terrorists’ airplane attacks. The attack involved the hijacking of four civilian airplanes. The hijackers used the airplanes to ram into three highly populated targets. The targets include the Twin Towers of New York and two government facilities (UK Crown, 2011).

One of the radical terrorist groups is Osama bin Laden’s Al Qa’ida (UK Crown, 2011). The group espoused the overthrow of non-Muslim governments. The group spearheads the use of Jihad or holy war to impose the Muslim religion on the non-Muslim countries. The group brands the non-Muslim countries as apostate. The group insists Jihad is the duty of all Muslims. The Jihad includes attacking both Civilian as well as military targets.

Terrorists are not classified as ordinary law violators. Inside their prison cells, the leaders of the radical groups can still communicate with people from the outside world. The incarcerated prisoners can instruct the other group members to continue the terrorist attacks. Likewise, the serious radicals may convince the other prisoners to help the radical leader implement his or her terrorist plots (UK Crown, 2011).

The prevent strategy successfully reduces the threats of radicalization. The government focuses on resolving extremism and terrorism. The government focuses on several fronts to reduce radical attacks. The fronts include educating the radicals to engage in peaceful means to resolve their

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