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Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses How sustainable is hydroelectricity generation.

The turbine is connected to an electric system which through its rotation, an electric field is created which in turn creates an electric force that is harnessed and stored in grids to be distributed and sold to customers during peak times when there must be additional sources of energy.

From Interview: According to Ron Taylor who is an experienced electrical engineer, hydroelectric power is sustainable. Experts need to establish the climatic shifts of the area where the project is to be built. Proper planning should also be done to ensure sustainability of the project.

From Research: Through technological advancement, the industrial sector has achieved equipments which consumes low power so that the generated power would be economically viable to enhance high productivity in the long run. However, through enhancement of power storage systems by the establishment of digital capacitor banks which are responsible for both power correction and stability, adequate power is generated and used economically to reduce resource wastage (Huggins, 2010).

It is recommended that cost effective power plants like hydroelectric plants should be constructed to lower the level and rates of ozone layer depletion which negatively impacts on the global climatic change.

From Interview: Ron Taylor further states that, contrary to wind energy which is difficult to maintain, hydroelectric power is easier to maintain since it has a longer maintenance window. It is ranked among the worlds’ preferred power source with low effects on the environment. for instance, the global warming influenced by gas emissions (Huggins, 2010). The most expensive part of the project is the initial cost of installation, which is high as compared to the other sources of power, which are less costly to install but difficult to maintain.

From Research: The ability to spend much money on maintenance entirely depends on the procedure involved in the maintenance process especially when

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