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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Terror in Tokyo Case Study. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The casualties of the March 20 1995 incident show the intense capabilities of the group led by non-other than Chizuo Matsumoto or otherwise spotting the name of Shoko Asahara. The rapid expansion of the group in the early 1995 proves detrimental as chances are on the increase that the public is vulnerable to attacks by the cult members.

The strict discipline and commitment that is in the doctrine of the cult further makes the new converts to the group more likely to perpetrate criminal activities to the public. Purchase of weapons and helicopters shows that the group was well preparing and ready to engage in any confrontation. Further acts of seeking military guidelines from allies in Russia makes the group even more threatening to the Japanese people. Kidnappings and forceful extortion of money from people especially in broad daylight shows that the group had no regard for the public. They were a real threat seeking to fund their transactions at all costs.

The Japanese officious did not exactly respond actively to the threats posed by the group. They portray reluctance in dealing with the cult. As a result, the group continues with its activities of threatening peace and lives of the Japanese. Kariya (an accountant who victim to extortion of money by the group) had submitted reports that he was being followed. The daytime kidnapping of the man and disappearance shows the police were not doing their best to deal with the group. Though the police later tracked the kidnapping, they were short of time.

The best recommendation that I would direct to the police is that they would have considered time as an issue of essence in the whole operation. Fast, timely and calculated efforts would have slowed or ultimately stopped the cult from using chemical weapons to kill and injure innocent Japanese people.

There is a key lesson that the U.S law enforcement agencies, intelligence bureaus and other public service organizations

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