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Need an argumentative essay on The form and function of Concept Store. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The subsequent section provides a detailed overview of concept stores, thus giving insight into the inception of this retail store concept and the principal features that characterize it. This chapter also covers the factors that contribute to the widespread adoption of concept stores in the fashion sector,

under the key drivers section. Other factors addressed under this literary analysis segment include the format of a conventional concept store, the potential size and popular locations of these retail stores, as well as, the distribution hierarchy adopted by most concept stores. The latter section provides information on strategic function, design or architectural form of a concept store, and the overall language concept of this category of stores. The concluding part of the literature review chapter identifies research gaps that exist in study information available on concept stores, their design and overall operation.

The physical environment of a store is one of the principal issues that retailers are supposed to take into account when launching a business venture. This is because it plays a significant role in affecting consumers’ decision to purchase and experience the entire shopping experience. Management of a store’ retail setting, therefore, affects both parties with the store owners’ enjoying increased revenues from enhanced customer loyalty, and shoppers gaining pleasure from the ambient shopping environs. Referred to as “atmospherics” the concept of managing the physical environs of a store was initially proposed by Kotler (1973). In this case, management of the atmosphere of a store is delineated as concerted effort to conceptualize a design that evokes certain emotions, which increase purchasing probability. Stimuli spurred by in-store setting directly correlates with the amount of pleasure that customers derive from shopping at the store.

Ambient aspects related to the physical background of a store usually

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