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Air pollution has become a major concern that needs rapid measures to be addressed.

Air pollution in China causes several health problems and has caused so many premature deaths. As a result, the government and other private organizations are taking steps to reduce the levels of air pollution in China.

The aim is to ensure that China meets the air quality guidelines that exist. The government believes that if the guidelines are met then the air pollution will be highly reduced. The aims put forward to reduce air pollution in China include addressing the problem and the impacts of air pollution, finding simple solutions to air pollution, what is already being done to reduce air pollution, and how to take action to reduce air pollution in China. The conditions under which air pollution increase are analyzed and solutions to put an end to such conditions given. It is important that the problem of air pollution be addressed.

This article focuses on air pollution in China. The article analyses how much China is polluted compared to other countries. According to the author, sixteen out of the twenty cities in China are polluted. The author discusses how air pollution can be reduced in China. It is important in this research since its focus is air pollution in China.

This article is a research carried out to find out how household cooking with solid fuels contribute to air pollution. The author makes a conclusion that emissions from households also contribute to air pollution. This article is important in this study since we are able to see one of the sources of air pollution is from households.

The author of this article focuses on air pollution in China and the measures that china takes to overcome the pollution. This article is important since it shows how air pollution affects citizens in china and measures China is taking.

This an article that features Jufeng Zhang who is a professor on environmental health issues as he talks to a host

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