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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Doing yoga at a local recreation center can cause harm to Hinduism.

Currently, yoga has been influenced by modern world. In most cases, modern day yoga has been misrepresented. it has less spiritual essence, and has more emphasis on financial gain. This is because modern day yoga has been reduced to physical exercise program, with yoga specialists releasing yoga videos, as well as magazines for sale. This situation has been worsened by the fact that more yoga specialist especially those in the secular field have no background on Hinduism and they do not appreciate Hinduism and Buddhism religions.

In the United States, it is estimated that approximately, 20 million people practice yoga. It is estimated that the practiced has been there since 1970 with majority of the US citizen pursuing yoga for medical reasons with few individuals pursuing it for purposes of acquiring body energy and stamina, spirituality and to magnify self esteem and creativity (Syman, 2010). In this regard, due to beneficial aspects of modern day yoga, the practice has been integrated in recreation facilities in developed nation.

In Ohio, the integration of yoga at Snowpea City Recreation Center has been critiqued by majority of the residents due to the fact that the center which was funded by resident taxes should , therefore, not promote Hindi practices like yoga, since most of the residents are non-Hindi believers (Syman, 2010). In this regard majority of the residents have criticized the yoga practices due to the fact that it downplays the Monism principle of Christianity (the philosophy of existence of one God, the distinction between one God and the universe).

The practice of yoga where an individual is recommended to repeat the phrase “So-ham” during deep breaths is violation of Christian faith since the quote translates to identification of oneself to the divine and the merging of oneself with the divine. In addition, yoga advocates for an individual’s spiritual detachment and freedom from body and material constraint, while

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