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Create a 24 page essay paper that discusses Studying and analysing the performance of UK Gambling 1252.

In order to evaluate the performance of UK’s gambling industry, three leading gambling organizations. Ladbrokes PLC, Rank Group PLC and Sportech PLC’s financial performance has been considered. The report presents rationales for the selection of gambling industry and selection of the three gambling firms to conduct the study (Chalabi, 2014). The researcher has briefly discussed the outlook of the UK gambling industry on the bases of statistical representation and interpretations of three major gambling firms of UK.

The report will elaborate about the internal and external factors that have influenced performance of UK gambling industry. Therefore, PEST analysis has been conducted to illustrate about Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors to determine external environmental factors influencing the performance of the industry (Chalabi, 2014). Moreover, legislative and environmental concerns have also been discusses with respect to the recent amendments in laws and regulations of the government that has affected profitability of the firms.

The second section of the report focuses internal factors of the gambling industry. Thus, ratio analysis and SWOT analysis have been conducted to determine financial and non financial aspects of firms and industry (Scherer & Palazzo, 2014). The ratio analysis has been conducted using five years financial results of the company obtained from the annual reports and industrial ratios (Fridson & Alvarez, 2011). The ratio analysis has been used as a tool to compare the performance of each firm to provide insight to the financial concerns of the gambling industry.

The third section discusses SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) of the selected firms and industry, as it allows understanding potential opportunities and threats of the UK’s gambling industry.

The report would significantly contribute to evaluating and study the performance of gambling industry in UK. It will

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