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Write a 10 page essay on The technological and cultural changes between the relationship of Telegraph and Facebook.

The advent of Facebook has made communication and meeting new people easy, businesses have grown and cultures have evolved due to this. Some primitive cultures have been eradicated. In the essay we shall be seeking to establish the evolution from Telegraph to Facebook and the technological and cultural changes they have brought by first understanding their innovations their uses and how the telegraph necessitated or facilitated the innovation of Facebook

The history of the telegraph dates back to 1794 where Claude Chappe invented a non- electric telegraph.

This kind of telegraph used a flag based alphabet, a semaphore and it was wholly dependent on a line of a sight communication. Later this kind of telegraph was replaced by an electric telegraph. In Bavaria, Samuel Soemmering used gold electrodes of wire under water and the message could be read by the amount of gas that was produced by the electrodes. In USA, Harrison Dyar invented the first telegraph in 1828. He used a paper tape that was chemically treated to burn the dashes and the dots (Jennifer, 1989).

Joseph Henry demonstrated the power of the electromagnet, which was first discovered by a British William Sturgeon. He sent an electronic current for over a mile, which activated an electromagnet and in turn caused the bell to ring. Samuel F. B. Morse in 1830s started experimenting by sending communication through electromagnetic signals. In 1838, he successfully sent a message from Morristown to New Jersey. He was later granted funds by the congress to help him install a line of communication between Washington DC and Baltimore and he stuck wires between the two cities. The first message he sent from the Supreme Court Chambers to his assistant Alfred Vail in Baltimore was “What hath God wrought” (Marland, 1964)

The telegraph from then became part of the communication and an accepted part of American life. People used to send and receive messages from far distances using the

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