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Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Discussion & Interpretation of an International Issue or Event during the Cold War.

On the other hand Realist or classical realist IR scholars and practitioners emphasized upon being updated with the modern day military and economic power responsible for the conviction that mishandled the problems at hand threatens to forestall all possible futures.

Communism is another universalistic system of thought that offered Americans a way to feel themselves tied to the larger world (Klein,

2003, p. 30). In the conflict between liberalist and realists scholars, IR was decided to fate upon the ‘Realism’ where political strength through World War II left not just a single power vacuum in that part of the world, as in Europe, but several other parts as well. Japan’s defeat destroyed an empire that had dominated northeast Asia for decades. The rise of China during cold war was followed by the weakening rule of Nationalist government and strengthened its long-time Communist rivals, preparing the way for renewed and intensified civil conflict. Elsewhere Japanese victories undermined the authority of European colonial regimes, encouraging independence movements on the Indian subcontinent and in Southeast Asia (Gaddis, 1998, p. 55).

The Cold War alignments let the Chinese to harden Cold War alignments through choices they themselves made. The European pattern had been one of the Soviet Union imposing its authority and the United States being invited to respond, in China the situation was reversed. The Chinese people chose to transfer their allegiance from the Nationalists to the Communists, hence Mao’s great victory in 1949. The Mao’s powerful government, both for ideological reasons and because it feared an American attack, sought China’s incorporation within a Soviet sphere of influence. By 1950, a fundamental shift in the balance of power had taken place where nearly overnight the communist world appeared almost to have doubled its extent.

Realist school of thought have always succeeded in appearing self-evident, for

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