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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic ETHICAL DECISIONS IN LEADERSHIP ( ).

The first one is Liz, an African American with the company for five years. Here performance was considered just average but her energy rated high. Second one was Roy who was with the company for twenty years. He has been considered below average in all performance parameters and his retirement is almost due.

Yeh, Asian, has limited stint in the company. He is a above average performer, but disliked by many.

Left to her own decision, Lucy would have succeeded in choosing the right person. But the problem is that all the three are candidates for many. Lucy is sympathetic towards Liz because of the illness of her kid that exerts extra financial burden to her. Promotion could indeed help her to surmount the financial problems to a great extent. It also appears that Lucy has connections with Liz that is beyond their work relationship.

On the other hand, Roy had been with the company for a long time. If promoted, he would retire happily with a great sense of accomplishment. This would go a long way in motivating other staff who are aging.

But the problem is very severe with the third candidate Yeh, who has been engaged to the son of Vice-President. Lucy her self is a subordinate to Vice-President. The Vice President has already spoken to Lucy on the need for promoting Yeh because of the social respect stake involved in it.

There are very many considerations other than work related that Lucy would have to consider before recommending a suitable candidate to the management. Management has already indicated to Lucy that the selection of the candidate had to be done very carefully as a significant stake of the company was involved in it. At one level, Lucy has to live up to the professional ethics. but at another level, she would have to decided by considering factors beyond work relationship.

A good leader is one who could influence people to perform tasks willingly with zeal and confidence. Invigorating enthusiasm amongst the ranks and files is central to

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