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sition to identify the three needs that prevails among the organizational employees, then it would give the leaders a perfect opportunity to determine various ways in which the organizational employees can be motivated. In most cases, organizational employees tend to look upon their organizational leaders in order to depict what they best see. This means that the effective leaders should at least empower other organizational members who will be in a position to make use of the power given to them by furthering the vision of the leaders (McClelland, 2008).

Leaders who tend to be driven by the urge of power in most cases they fail to misinterpret it for egoism. This aspect is seen as a positive move because in most cases, they still have the ability of maintaining social relationships in their organizations and with their workers (Passmore, 2010). Alternatively, the aspect of ignoring power related concerns when it comes to organizational operations and activities might end up being negative for both the organizational employees and the organizational leaders. In most cases, ignorance of power related concerns especially in the organization mostly leads to tension and bad blood between organizational employees and the leaders. Advising these types of leaders on how best they can handle their power would be one of the cautions to offer to such leaders. Alternatively, engaging in leadership seminars is also important in such cases. During the seminars, the leaders would be given the best advice on how to control their organizational powers (Schemerhon, 2011).

Very few aspects tend to be more important when it comes to human activities as compared to the aspect of power and leadership in the organization. In as much as power tends to be important generally, the main risk that comes with it is the increased or the excessive power, which a person has. The importance of power is when the leaders can bring out a success story from a weak business plan. This implies that

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