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Need an argumentative essay on Recommendations of Sab Miller Company. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

e problem is the alcohol encouragement that is not appreciated, meaning that they will have to refocus on their sales, advertising, and marketing skills for the Asian market and attempt different combinations and permutations to acquire the market (Visser, 2005). For instance, SABMiller can extent their brand name through the strategy of first selling packaged drinking water to create awareness and in future introduce to the market their rationalized brands.

They can as well stress on maximizing zero waste processes which would be very essential for future environmental conditions bearing in mind the current worrying rate of global warming. Nevertheless, it is true that idealism is an enemy of new deals and the company should thus incorporate this strategy into the system as opposed to merely making it a major concern (Armstrong, Segal & Davis, 2006).

For a long time now, SAB has been faced with the societal concerns over its brewery and alcoholic drink sales, but this does not mean that the company has to stop its operations in the business. They only have to take some steps into consideration. For example, according to the company’s Executive Director Corporate Affairs and Transformation, Mr. Vincent Maphai, the firm is aware of the reputation and it, together with the alcohol industry is concerned about the government and societal worries about alcohol abuse. In this regard, it is rational to recommend that partnership of SAB with the government, the traders, the civil society, and the industry at large can be the best way out in addressing the harm that is brought about by alcohol especially in South Africa (Chang, 2009). As per the company analysis, it is evident that wherever the company has worked with provincial government and public departments, they have seen tremendous results. SAB executives ought to remain open to discussions with government agencies at all levels in pursuit of tangible ways of reducing the beliefs about alcohol intake and the

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