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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Concept of Grace. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The accused would defend them as being an orphan, was defending them, and would be granted the grace. Grace may also occur in a situation where one is given time to pay a dept. Many always referred to it as the grace period. If a friend owes some money, he may give each other grace period to get the money. This grace could be given because the debtor was in little problem and could not pay up on time. It is difficult to find other organisations such as banks giving grace period. This is because they have their fixed times set out for payment of loans.

According to religion, God gave his only son, who was without sin, to come and die for the sins of humans. This shows how much God loved the human race. He did not want us to perish in sin (Gesenius & Samuel, 2003). One of the most appropriate ways to express grace is by forgiving someone who has behaved inappropriately. This may or may not be a relative. When parents indulge their children and continue to pay school fees for them, it is a measure of grace.

Another appropriate way to show grace is when one does well to someone who always wrongs him or her. In this way, the person doing the crime does not deserve to be treated rightly, but they are favoured. This is a show of the unmerited favour. People always say we are living by the grace of God. This shows that humans have not given God anything in the form of payment to allow them to live. God just allow them to live even if they continue sinning.

Persons are prone to taking advantage of others kindness. The above named examples could be ways of inappropriate ways to show grace, if one is your friend and they keep doing wrong things because they know that they would not be held accountable. In such a situation, it is wrong to show grace. This is because they are taking advantage of other peoples kindness.

Giving people a long grace period to pay up their debts is inappropriate. This is because they tend to think that everyone is lenient as you are. This

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