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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Magazine article on sensationalism and its role in todays world. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Then suddenly came another twist in the article in which it was mentioned that we can get to see everything in his upcoming film. We ended up laughing after reading that. It had nothing to do with the star’s personal life and the surprising part was that one can only get to know the real purpose of that article by reading the last few lines of it.

It turned out to be a major publicity stunt

That was the first time when I realized that sensationalism has become so common in our society especially in the mass media. Many similar examples are present in which simple news is exaggerated. One of the most sensational news of all times was of Shoaib Malik’s wedding with Sania Mirza. It became the headline for every news channel, every newspaper and every magazine focused on it. So much hype was given to their wedding and to the accusation targeted at Shoab Malik by an Indian family for exchanging wedding vows over the phone. We were being exposed to every minute detail of this media hyped wedding. Thus their personal life became public by the media. Similarly, another cricketer Mohammad Asif’s personal life was also discussed in the media. Somebody recorded his personal videos and sold it to the media channel. Every medium of the mass media was fighting for the attention of the readers, listeners, and TV-viewers.

This fight and competition is increasing in the area of the mass media day by day. The life and death of each newspaper and TV station is at stake when the income from advertising and sponsoring is proportional to the number of readers or viewers. The news

media are the most important channels for the propagation of culture, ideas, and opinions. Most opinion formation takes place when people sit and watch news and debates on television. Undoubtedly the news channels are very influential.

The influence of the news channels can be seen to such an extent that a woman died of a heart attack when she saw the body

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