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Hi, I need help with essay on Analysis about parental expectations. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

wise, as parental expectations play an essentially vital role in the performance of a child, ridiculously high expectations can result in their failure while low expectations can lead to under confidence. Maintaining too high expectations can also result in social anxiety, stress, depression and many other forms of mental illnesses.

Every child has a different learning pace. it could be fast for some while it comes slower to others. Some children may be self sufficient while others could need help guidance and tutoring. It is an accepted fact that every child has a unique learning pace which can be molded and improved with encouragement. This suggests that the same amount expectations cannot be held with every child. That said, parental involvement does make for overall better performance in children than in the case of those whose parents are less involved. Although there are many sides to parenting, studies show that the greatest influence is cast by a single aspect, parental expectations, according to the Harvard Family Research Project (Harvard 2014). In order to provide a child with a healthy home environment, it is essential to love him unconditionally, irrespective of whether or not he is the brightest of the lot. Now the thing that gets in the way of this unconditional love is our sky high expectations (Hudson 2014).

An explanation for why parental expectations are so affective on children is that they see themselves, for most of their childhood and even beyond, through their parents’ eyes. Consequently, if a parent believes his child can be a top-dog, that’s what his child will perceive himself to be. On the other hand, if a child has been exposed to derogatory aura at home, he is most likely to accept failure without really trying at all. Similarly, having far greater expectations from your child than his obvious abilities is like expecting a chicken to swim or a cat to fly. The key here is for parents to analyze the situation their child is in

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