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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Ways companies alleviate stress and its effect on productivity. It needs to be at least 500 words.

It may even involve production having prolonged duration than expected for effective completion. This is because the employees’ efficiency is at a reduced level, which when forced to meet the set timeframes yields to poor productivity.

An organization whose workers are experiencing stress, normally encounters increased sick leaves. These emanate from stress, which interferes with employees’ health to the extent of some yielding to diverse complications that may compel them to seek permission to attend to medical prescriptions or sometimes hospitalized (Ongori & Agolla 130). In addition, staff depicts general reduced morale due to diverse stressors that are evident in their working stations, for instance, workload or unworthy strategies. There is also immense staff turnover that may at some occasions yield to hindrances in attaining corporation’s set targets because of constant altering of the staff.

In alleviating stress, corporations conventionally apply two proven techniques that entail either dealing with the employee or altering the firm’s strategies and structure. They encompass. organizational change and stress management (Dahl 245). Stress management entails instructing the staff on how to tackle diverse situations that may yield to stress in their places and even coping with their environment. It also entails&nbsp.availing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which imparts people with knowledge regarding the source and impacts of stress on one’s health (Zurihanmi et al 390). Consequently, workers learn personal tactics that help effectively in dealing with constant worry, for instance, recreation and meditations. Benefits of stress approach tend to be short-lived and disregard the core causes of the stress (Ongori & Agolla 132). Nonetheless, the method is cheap since its usage depends on the employees who usually apply with the intention of maintaining their wellbeing.

Organizational change approach involves a

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