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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Describe the evolution of military technology. What innovations are in store for the future and what will be its impact on war. It needs to be at least 3750 words.

The arrow was also made from simple technology often requiring a straight body called shaft with the tip being made from stone while a feather was attached at the rear end of the arrow to create stability. This technology provided human beings with the ability to kill a target from a distance with a relatively higher degree of accuracy. This technology evolved with the discovery of copper, bronze and finally irons with these technologies replacing the stone tip of the arrow heads over time. Archery was military technology for armies in New Egyptian Kingdom and the Shang Dynasty as far back as 2000 BC (Woods and Woods 14-15).

Archery was later used by other nations and kingdoms in Europe and Asia as they were used on the battlefields of Asia Minor with Eastern Europe, Egypt China, Japan, Mediterranean basin, Korea and Mesopotamia societies all developed their own adaptations of the composite bow. The domestication of horses was also an important occurrence for the ancient societies as they now had an effective form of transport. Transport by horse led to the discovery of the chariot which further improved transpiration and attack during war with the effectiveness of the chariot in war being one man controlling the movement of the chariot while a bowman shoot arrows at enemy soldiers (Woods and Woods 21).

Another military technology that influenced the way wars were fought in the middle ages is the trebuchet. This is a machine used for throwing missiles towards the enemy soldiers or at their fortification. The working concept of a trebuchet involves long pivoted beam with one side being longer than the other. During its functioning, the short side is pulled down with the longer side of the beam being forced to rise rapidly causing the sling that is connected to the end of the long side of the beam to lash over thereby releasing itself and hurling the pellet it held. There are

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