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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Morse, Imminent Dangers. It needs to be at least 750 words.

s a covert extension of the Catholic faith, and they too must be stopped in their missionary work due to their potential strength in influencing all levels of men in the society (Morse 304, par. 4).

Supporting idea: Because Catholics strongly believe in the Pope, they are seen by Morse as blind followers that would endanger the liberties of the country simply by being in the United States (Morse 303, par. 3).

Supporting idea: Based on how he describes the Catholics and the religion as a whole by using highly negative adjectives such as “miserable, intolerant fanatics, and pious bigots” (Morse 303, par. 3), it can be inferred that Morse came from a religion that deeply criticizes Catholicism.

Supporting idea: Morse mentioned that the Jesuits are a secret society that has numerous members from all walks of life (Morse 304, par. 4), thus he sees the introduction of more Catholics as something with an ulterior political motive guised under religious intentions.

Supporting idea: In order to fully separate religion from the state, Morse believes that followers of the Pope must not be put into power, for they could be easily influenced by the priests and bishops with regards as to how they would govern the people, making the religious entities rule over people covertly through powerful people in the government (Morse 305, par. 9).

Supporting idea: Morse believes that what former President Jefferson predicted with regards to the inconveniences that could result from uncontrolled influx of immigrants was already happening in the United States, posing a threat to the peaceful living of the nativists and forcing them to harmonize with the immigrant population (Morse 307, par. 12).

Supporting idea: There are other factors as to why immigrants tended to form groups, but instead of finding out why this came to be, he simply passed this as immigrants contradicting their profession of being naturalized American citizens (Morse 307, par. 13).

Supporting idea: For Morse,

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