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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Hills like White Elephants: Thesis: The character of Jig is clearly suffering from abuse at the hands of The American and, thusly, exhibits diminished self-esteem which can be evidenced in her behavior throughout the story. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

Her experience of psychological abuse from her partner has also made her an easy prey of the American’s bullying. This paper shows that because of low self-esteem, Jig loses her autonomy and happiness. The character of Jig is clearly suffering from abuse at the hands of the American and, thus, exhibits diminished self-esteem, which can be confirmed in her behavior throughout the story.

The American is a bully with Machiavellian attitudes that are represented through his self-centeredness, disagreeableness, exploitation, and manipulation. He is a classic example of an egotistical man. He keeps on saying that Jig can have the baby if she wants to, and yet he also emphasizes that he does not want to have a baby. He says: “But I dont want anybody but you. I dont want anyone else” (Hemingway). He does not want any other responsibility other than his partner. In “Proposing a Multidimensional Machiavellianism Conceptualization.” Rauthmann and Will use Christie and colleagues’ (principally text-driven and qualitative) research regarding a psychological construct of Machiavellianism, where one of the manifestations is lack of affect and empathy for others (Rauthmann and Will 393). The study by Andreou, in “Bully/Victim Problems and Their Association with Psychological Constructs in 8- To 12-Year-Old Greek Schoolchildren,” also showed that bullies have high scores in Machiavellianism. By persuading Jig to abort the baby, the American emphasizes his preference for his own welfare. He seeks his own happiness, which is typical for Machiavellian characters. The American is also a bully because of his explicit disagreeableness. He is disagreeable in the sense that he keeps on saying things that do not make any sense. He says: “I might have, just because you say I wouldnt have doesnt prove anything” (Hemingway). He is stressing that he has

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