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I have an essay that i’m having some troubles completing. can you please list key points and information needed to enable me to start the essay. I just need a brief descprition please.

Thank you.

The following essay is listed below.

ECON100 Autumn 2018 In-Class Essay

The Adani Group have proposed the development of the Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin area in Queensland along with a rail and port project. The scale of the project, environmental sensitivities, job creation, and potential role of government assistance are issues that have gathered a lot of media and political attention in the last 18 months and meant that this is a very controversial project. The aim of your essay is to analyse key aspects of this coal mine project using economic fundamentals developed in ECON100. You should use the links below to start your research process, and you are encouraged to research further in order to help you answer the following questions. Make reference to your research sources within the essay where relevant (author, article name, date).

Essay structure

1.    Discuss the possible negative externalities associated with the project and how Introduction – provide a summary of the proposed Adani project – 15 marks

2.    Assuming the project goes ahead, how would the a) global market for coal and b) the electricity market in India, be affected. Depict each market separately using a supply and demand graph. Show a shift in either supply or demand in each market, clearly explaining the variable that causes the shift in each case eg. see terminology used in Tables 3.1 and 3.2 from the textbook). What is the predicted change to quantity and price in each market? – 30 marks

3.    this would affect the efficient level of output. Depict this on a diagram. How could a Pigovian tax be used to address this? – 30 marks

4.    Provide an example of positive analysis (including the reference), as well as normative analysis, relating to the project. – 15 marks

5.    Summary and conclusion – 10 marks   

Some sources of information:





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