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Need an argumentative essay on Critical Analysis of the quote: Online anonymity makes people become more extraverted (and, therefore, they also behave more extraverted. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

One mental disorder which is brought about through the use of social media is schizophrenia, which is a condition where an individual comes to have delusions concerning his life. In such situations, it is often extremely difficult to deal with realities of life especially in circumstances where an individual experiences paranoia. Online anonymity has made it possible for individuals to create lives for themselves online which are not based on reality and there are individuals who tend to have numerous profiles that they use to attract a large number of friends, especially on social networks (Ashton, Lee and Paunonen 246). Such situations often lead to these persons coming to lose a grip on reality and during the most crucial of circumstances. they end up suffering from social dysfunction. Schizophrenia is a condition whose prevalence has arisen as a result of an increase in social networking and this situation has led to more people living lives which are not real. denying their true selves in favor of personalities which they consider to be the ideal. The result of these circumstances has been that in addition to schizophrenia, it has also become common for individuals to concentrate all of their efforts online at the expense of developing social skills in their real lives.

Sleep disorders have seen a rise since the beginning of social networking and this is especially because most users tend not to get much sleep as a result of staying online till late hours sharing information with their online friends. With new mobile technology being developed almost on a daily basis, it has become possible for individuals to spend most of their time online and this does not often end when they get to their own homes (Fulmer, Gelfand, et al. 1566). It has become a norm for individuals to continue participating in such networks as Twitter late into the night and many have reported that they tend to experience trouble sleeping. Lack of sleep coupled

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