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Need an argumentative essay on 5 Page Book Critique on Francis A. Schaeffers book, How Should We Then Live for a Advanced School Law Class. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ly states “”To understand where we are in todays world — in our intellectual ideas and in our cultural and political lives — we must trace three lines in history, namely, the philosophic, the scientific, and the religious.”

In this book Schaeffer aims at motivating the people to return to religion and the Christian way of life.

He speaks of the problems of the modern day and their affect on society today. By tracing back through history he provides a compelling argument to explain the value of the Christian ethic and belief. His conclusion is that the only way to achieve success and satisfaction in the world today is to go back to the ultimate truth: The Bible. This is considered the absolute perfection that is revealed to Christ through the Scriptures.

The book also speaks of the beauty and magnificence of God. It mentions the importance of understanding the true power behind the infinite God as human beings are mere finite shadows under his supremacy.

To better explain this aim, a quote has been taken from the book “It is important that the Bible sets forth true knowledge about mankind. The biblical teaching provides the meaning of all the particulars, however this is especially so with regards to that particular which is critical to man, namely, the ‘self’ individual either him or her. it really provides a reason for the individual to be great. The ironical factor here remains that humanism, which initiates with Man being central, ultimately has no real meaning for people. At the same time, if one starts off with the Bibles position that an individual is created by God and created in the image of God, there is a basis for that persons dignity. People, the Bible preaches, are created in the image of God — they are not programmed. Each is thus Man with dignity.”(Chapter 4)

In his acknowledgements Schaeffer writes ““Using my study, over the past forty years, of Western thought and culture as a base, we could attempt to present the flow and

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