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Write a 8 page essay on Factors of adult obesity.

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This essay “Factors of adult obesity” outlines the problem of obesity, health issues connected with this medical condition and how to prevent it. In recent years, the media has become the leading cause of obesity among adults and children. The availability of video games and social networks that keep individuals in doors has been a major catalyst. People have substituted outdoor physical pass time activities to in door entertainment. Moreover, staying in doors requires the in take of junky foodstuffs since it attracts laziness. This translates to the eating of the wrong foods without factoring the later consequences. In addition, generation Y tends to spend much of time on the internet and other social network sites hence they do not have the time to prepare healthy meals for themselves (Boyce, 2007:202). Sequentially, the number of adults who prefer takeouts to properly home cooked meals is higher especially in the urban settings. For instance, the urbanites prefer pizzas and French fries since their delivery makes it easy for the m to satisfy their hunger. On the other hand, parents also encourage the use of these Medias and are responsible for not limiting the hours that young adults spend on the electronic devices. This behavior is most common among high school and university students whose learning has changed in to being more computers based. Therefore, increased time spent on the internet while online chats influences people to eat food that is likely to increases the chances of being obese. Work schedules Many parents in the twenty-first century juggle with being astounding carrier individuals and being parents. They lack the time to be proper parents to their own kids and have often delegated the role of parenting to nannies and childcare givers. The ever rising demands in their respective carrier fields make them be scarce in their own homes without having a care on whether children and family members eat healthy or not. In addition, the working generation finds itself indulging in the wrong eating patterns because of the deadlines issued at their places of work.

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