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Need an argumentative essay on Can you follow the reasoning of the Fine Tuning Argument Are you convinced by it’s reasoning and it’s response to many universes hypotheses Why or why not. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Everyday science is discovering new things, so it would be inadequate to conclude that God is omnipotent. This is a response to the reasoning and responses to the universe hypotheses of the fine tuning argument (Collins, 3)

I am not convinced by the general principle reasoning. It formulates the fine tuning argument against the ‘atheistic Single-universe’ hypothesis. It uses the prime principle of confirmation. The confirmation principle states that for two hypotheses H1 and H2. Something counts as evidence for hypotheses rather than another that is when is truer under a certain hypothesis than another (Collins, 8). Therefore in probability, the greater the difference, the greater the probability of counting as evidence. The examples offered in the principle of confirmation are, firstly, find rocks. Whereby if you find rocks in the mountain errand Saying ‘welcome to mountains’ there is a great probability that it is your brother who wrote it rather than chance. Secondly, a defendants fingerprints found on a murder weapon would more probably suggest that he is the murderer. I do not agree to the application of the principles that relies on the fact that that the universe has the fine-tuned life factors being more probable under the theism hypothesis. The belief that the universe along with the essential life factor is an inexplicable brute fact (Collins, 18). The principle questions whether there are other universes. If there are, then one of the universes has to be fine tuned. It happens that the only fine-tuned universe could be ours because the other does not support an intelligent life.

I am not convinced by the response to many universes hypothesis because it describes the universe as large or perhaps infinite thus it differs with the fundamental physical parameters. I agree that the majority of the universes do not support life-permitting values only a one. Its hard to understand the existence of improbable universe such

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