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Hi, I need help with essay on And prepare an advertising plan Asume you own an advertising agency, write that you would share with the CEO of Shazam. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The various platforms in the mobile phone operating systems have also been changing at a first pace and hence the company’s need for an advertising strategy geared to keep up with this dynamism.

The main objective is to expand the target market for about 200% within the first half of the period of advertising and even grow it further in the long run.

This is to be achieved at a very lean but objective budget estimate of about 2% of the total revenue derived from additional sales or profit.

The plan further outlines an evaluation criterion for the proposed advertisement campaign to ensure that all set objectives and targets are met in accordance with the schedule and in line with the rapid changes being experienced in the industry.

Shazam entertainment limited is a privately owned company connecting over 250 million individuals to their preferred brand, TV shows and music (Shazam Entertainment Ltd 2). This advertisement plan aims to leverage on this potential and exploit other avenues to ensure that the brand derives further gains in the competitive industry.

The multimedia content industry is at the peak of competition today owing to vibrant watching and sharing population that mostly consist of the youth. This has been further enhanced by an ever growing number of social sites that people are able to communicate using tools like voice, text and video chats. In the process of these communications in the internet, the users end up commenting on various things and sharing information that sometimes can be in the form of referrals to some form of -multimedia content.

Shazam has a presence in the world’s major cities laden with social media enthusiasts. It is positive to note that it has been positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that come with the ever growing mobile phone platforms that have come to be the single most effective and preferred communication and entertainment tool in the world today.

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