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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Topic of this paper- The non-fiction book ZEITOUN written by DAVE EGGERS. The topic is mostly focused on hurricane katrina and how humanity lost sight in the way they behaved towards the people who needed help the most. USE EVIDENCE FROM BOOK CONNECTIONS.

The paper will also evaluate other evidences that show how different organization and the government itself acted inhumanely to the families that were involved.

The family of Zeitoun finds itself In the middle of a big storm. Zeitoun is a father of four children and runs a successful painting business, which he uses to support his family in America and Syria. Two days before the storm arrive, all the people are in tension and are very anxious. Some people begin to run from the area due to the high humidity. The government remains silent and does not address the issue that is about to happen. The country has good meteorologists, but they do not offer prior notice of what is about is about to happen. People flee the area in families and the people who are not aware of what is about to happen do not move.

The mayor of the area had given a notice of evacuation just one day before the storm hit. This proves that the government showed little care about the people. Despite the short deadline to evacuate, the government did not extend any help to the poor people of the area who barely had any means to carry their property. The major did not show any concern to help them, and most of the residents were caught up by the storm helplessly.

Zeitoun’s wife, Kathy, and the children flee the house and move to Baton Rouge. The house is crowded, and all her relatives are anxious. There is little organization on how people should act before the deadly storm comes. Kathy and her relatives later flee to Phoenix as they try to move far from the storm coverage area. All this time Zeitoun does not join them despite being begged by Kathy (Eggers 16).

Zeitoun argues that he has been through storms earlier and hence he is not afraid of the storm that is about to come. This proves that the government did not publicize the possible effects and the risks that the residents were exposing themselves to by staying in

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