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 Name few Microsoft Windows security audit tools and discuss the best practices for Microsoft Windows security audits.

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First of all let’s start with what is Windows security audit tool?

In Microsoft windows there is a specific log that contains all the records such as login or log out or variety of other security events and is known as security log.

What do you understand by auditing in windows?

A way of tracking events is known as Windows Auditing. The main focus is to know how where and when the events took place and who helped them go through. It is at times very useful when sensing some improper activities like the rights have been shared to a file system or something.

MSAT, IBM internet scanner, Nessus, Retina are some of the examples of windows auditing tool.

I will be taking about MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser)

This is a software tool that is launched by Microsoft to define security and its various stages and its updates.  We can define security by looking over the blank security updates and the security settings that are less secure in the Microsoft Windows. The less-secure security settings are known as Vulnerable Assessment check. The Microsoft office, Internet Explorer, the Microsoft SQL Server are under macro settings.

Personally for audits I would prefer Microsoft Excel more since the pivot tables and V-look up help us a lot for figuring out the streamline of data and can fetch a large amount of information.


Agile Application Security

Book by Jim Bird, Laura Bell

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