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 Paper Format: – Cover page (5 points): 1 page including title of the assignment, your name, the date, and the course title & number – Body (20 points): No less than 1,000 words: *put the count at end of paper) – 1” margins, typed double-spaced, standard font (.e.g Time, 12), proofread, single side-printing and professionally presented (stapled) Artwork Format: 4-panel artwork (25 points): A4 (similar size such as letter size) or B4 ( similar size such as legal size) Choose a famous artwork (masterpiece) from which to develop your idea in a sequential 4-panel art (from museums, textbooks, internet resources, etc) and describe as follows: Part I. Research Paper (Total 25 point) : I.A. (5 pts.): Cover page including the above information. I.B. (5 pts.): 1) Title of the artwork, 2) Name of the Artist, 3) Year of the artwork, 4) where, and 5) when you found/saw it. (*put resource information such as the name of book, reliable URL website information, but not the Wikipedia.) I.C. (5 pts.): Research and describe the historical background and the artistic value of the artwork. (*Please put the resource information, but not the Wikipedia.) I.D. (5 pts.): Describe what it looks like and what YOU think of the art based on the study (e.g. elements of art, principles of design, materials of art, etc.) *If you use technical art terms, you need to explain what it means in your paper! Don’t list the art terms that you leaned in class. I.E. (5 pts.): Explain reason YOU chose it and the main points of your 4-panel artwork (e.g. a story of your artwork based on your selected masterpiece) Part II. Creative artwork (4-panel art: Total 25 points ): *Bring this artwork along with the hardcopy of research paper to class by the due date (*See the tentative schedule on BB Portal) II A. 4-panel Artwork (20 pts.): Create your own images incorporating the famous artwork in the 4-frame manga based on the concept of Visual Writing (e.g. Introduction, Supporting sentence, Transition, and Conclusion). II.B. Label Info (5 pts.): The final piece should attach one label information including the following things (OR download the label from BB Portal and attach it on the backside of your artwork): 1) Your name & Semester/Year 2) The title and description of your own 4-panel artwork 3) Title of original artwork, year, and the artist name 4) Others 

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