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Question 7 The following trial balance for the year ended 30 June 2017 relates to Lian Bhd which manufactures automobile spare parts. Debit RM’000 Credit RM’000 Administrative expenses 156 Bank 388 Intangible assets 270 Closing inventory as at 30.06.2017 69 Cost of sales 520 Distribution cost 60 Ordinary shares dividend 60 Ordinary share of RM1 each 600 Interest on bank borrowings 25 Freehold property – at valuation 1 July 2016 500 Freehold property revaluation reserve 1 July 2016 200 Plant and equipment – at cost 98 Plant and equipment – acc depreciation at 1 July 2016 44 Long term loan 78 Investment property 690 Revenue 1,180 Retained earnings at 1 July 2016 615 Tax paid 150 Trade payables and provisions 367 Trade receivables 98 TOTAL 3,084 3,084 Additional information: i. The freehold property had a remaining useful life of 20 years at 1 July 2016. The company’s policy is to revalue its property at the end of each year. The fair value of the freehold property at 30 June 2017 was RM526,000. ii. On 1 July 2016, an item of plant was disposed for RM35,000 cash. The proceeds have been treated as sales revenue by Jet Li Bhd. The plant is still included in the above trial balance figures at its cost of RM55,000 and 7 depreciation of RM25,000 (to the date of disposal). All plant is depreciated at 20% per annum using straight line method. iii. Depreciation expenses are charged to administrative expenses. iv. Intangible assets included capitalised development expenditure of RM84,000 (less accumulated amortisation). The development cost was incurred on 1 July 2014 and should be amortised over 5 years. The remaining intangible assets have indefinite useful lives. v. During the year, a new research and development project commenced incurring RM22,000 for research cost and RM21,000 for development cost. The development cost is qualified to be capitalised and should be amortised over 7 years. Both costs have been paid but have not been recorded in the books of accounts. vi. The investment property is measured based on the fair value model. The fair value is estimated at RM759,000 as at 30 June 2017. Required: Prepare a Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income for the year ended 30 June 2017 for Lian Bhd together with a Statement of Financial Position as at that date in a format suitable for publication. (Show all workings)

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