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These are political and economic but also deeply cultural and highly visible in the creative output of the people thus affected – during the period of colonization and in the aftermath. Thus, across a broad range of media and genres, aural, visual and written materials bear witness to the struggle of asserting distinctiveness from and coming to terms with the relationships with the ‘cosmopolitan centre’1, from the early poetry of natives to modern artistic expressions. The theories that are attempting to make sense of the distinctiveness of post-colonial writings can be broadly grouped into four major approaches, one of these being a local or regional view, identifying with literature that is less comparative between or across facets of different societies and more introspective. More global perspectives are considering ‘race’ across literatures from diverse nations and also ‘compare’ between different former ‘colonies’. …

Thus language becomes part of the quest for reinterpretation of ‘legitimacy’ and ‘identity’, in an attempt to deal with the ‘crisis of cultural authority’ brought about by the fragile identities left behind by the departed colonial powers4. This often manifests itself in a pre-occupation with ‘place and displacement’, which Maxwell defines as an important feature of post-coloniality.5 Ashcroft et al go one step further by claiming that ‘place and displacement’ is always an element of post-colonial communities, regardless of the reason for the initial colonization, and that this inevitably translates into a pre-occupation with ‘the myths of identity and authenticity in literatures in English’6 In corroboration, Boehmer refers to ‘the meta-narrative of journeying and return’ – acts of ‘coming to consciousness that symbolize the search for ‘ways of living in’ new lands. But she questions where these new certainties might come from, this badly needed ‘defiant pride and spiky self-awareness’.7 Margaret Atwood argued that it would come if Canada made ‘itself known to itself’ and would develop a concept of the ‘here’, echoed by Northcott Frye, who believed that salvation would come from the ‘here’ of the ‘vast natural world’.8 Journeying and return and making ‘yourself known to yourself’ also underlie Atwood’s Surfacing and Morgan’s My Place, although content and form diverge.

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