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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The importance of scientific research (Quantitative Methods). It needs to be at least 1000 words.

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Fabrication occurs wh?n sci?ntific r?s?arch is not ?mpirically ground?d, and th? r?s?arch writ?r or sci?ntists tamp?r with ?vid?nc?, proc?dur?s, or r?sults in a way that ?ith?r prov?s or disprov?s th?ir hypoth?sis artificially. Fabricat?d r?sults, for ?xampl?, may ?xagg?rat? or chang? c?rtain variabl?s, just to support th? ?nd r?sult as a form of r?s?arch?r bias which is pr?d?t?rmin?d ah?ad of tim?. Through history, p?opl? hav? tri?d to cut down on fabricat?d r?s?arch. Th? sci?ntific m?thod has b?com? mor? and mor? rigorous to cut out on ?xtran?ous r?s?arch. Original r?s?arch us?s quantitativ? or qualitativ? m?thods. Oft?n, th? population th? r?s?arch wants to draw conclusions about may b? a fairly standard population in t?rms of incom?, ?tc., but basic d?mographic information will b? r?quir?d. Sinc? s?lf r?port may b? b?ing us?d, ?thical probl?ms s??m to b? limit?d. How?v?r, original r?s?arch oft?n brings inh?r?nt limitations to a m?thodology. …

sci?ntific m?rit in quantitativ? r?s?arch?&nbsp. Ov?rall th?r? ar? many diff?r?nt fac?ts of m?thodology that can b? appli?d to an ?xp?rim?ntal d?sign. This is a g?n?ralization that can b? mad? about th?s? diff?r?nt typ?s of d?signs, which hav? th?ir r?sp?ctiv? advantag?s and disadvantag?s. Surv?ys and ?xp?rim?nts ar? ?xampl?s of fix?d r?s?arch d?signs, which ar? mor? quantitativ? than qualitativ? and hav? mor? asp?cts of this typ? of th?ory. Quantitativ? studi?s such as th? on? outlin?d in th? curr?nt r?port’s m?thodology t?nd to r?ly on hard data and statistics that can provid? g?n?ralizabl? r?sults about a population, wh?r?as qualitativ? studi?s could b? mor? of a cas? ?xampl? or subj?ctiv? vi?wpoint. As th? ?xtant lit?ratur? stat?s about th? diff?r?nc? b?tw??n fix?d and fl?xibl? d?signs, “Fl?xibl? r?s?arch d?signs ar? much mor? difficult to pin down than fix?d d?signs. This is in part b?caus? it is only in r?c?nt y?ars that r?s?arch?rs hav? giv?n consid?ration to th? d?sign issu?s which th?y rais?. Pr?viously th?r? had b??n a tradition in th? disciplin?s of social anthropology of an appr?ntic?ship mod?l” (Robson, 2003). If qualitativ? d?sign hav? l?ss history b?hind th?m in th? lit?ratur? on th? subj?ct it might b? an indication that th?y ar? not n?c?ssarily as ?ff?ctiv?. Th?n again, this could just b? th? r?sult of a d?arth of int?r?st in r?s?arch?rs r?garding this subj?ct, or could b? a proj?ction of th? individual authors.

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