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The challenge for the manager in the 21st century is to merge the traditional functions of a manager to include the new demands of workplace life.  The change of value regarding human resources to the organization coupled with technology is shifting the design of organizations towards “boundaryless” and flat organizational structures.  

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The role of informational technology in virtual management theory

In this theme, we examine Fayol’s four functions of management as well as the 14 lesser functions of management upon which many management models are based today and how they are challenging the constructs of 21st century management to create tension in the workplace.

NOTE: For this activity you will be forced to argue for one perspective or the other. (Again, even if you do not actually agree, you must argue for the position you have been assigned!)

If your last name begins with a letter from A-H, you will present arguments about how the POLC model can provide modern, flattened organizations a competitive edge in the contemporary business environment.

If your last names beings with a letter from K-Z, you will present arguments for why POLC is insufficient in providing a competitive edge to modern, flattened organizations in the contemporary business environment. 


last name A-H: POLC can provide a competitive edge

last name K-Z: POLC cannot provide a competitive edge

Create an initial post by:

Addressing Theme 1 by:

  1. Defining what it means to have a competitive edge.
  2. Identifying and describing at least three ways management can enlarge organizations’ competitive edge.

Addressing Theme 2 by:

  1. Identifying and describing the four functions of management (POLC).
  2. Identifying and describing at least three challenges of modern business management.
  3. Presenting your respective case (last name A-H: POLC can provide edge; last name K-Z: POLC cannot provide edge), describing at least three reasons why or why not POLC can or cannot provide a competitive edge, specifically in modern, flattened organizations.

You must include at least five in-text citations and three references in your initial post.

Your initial post is due by Thursday 11:59 p.m. EST.

A Business’s Competitive EdgeA competitive edge or advantage refers to an advantage that a business has over itscompetitors that allow it to generate higher sales margins and retain more…

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