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Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Equality for Animals.

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In case of animals the mental or psychological aspect do not play much role. This differentiation has not been made because the animal equality is based mainly on physical torment aspect. He author mentions the point “not have interests because it cannot suffer” but here it is not clear as to what kind of interest he is talking of. The explanation provided in this context is ambiguous because talking of experiments on mice, it is essential in human interests. The author has not talked of conflict of interests or what decision should be taken when there is such a conflict. What interest can a mouse have in reducing human suffering? Similarly a man will have no interest in considering mouse’s suffering. This aspect has not been taken into consideration. 2E. The principle theme of this article is based on the concept of giving equal consideration to animals. The basic argument that Singer has mentioned in support of equal consideration of animals is the “principle of equal consideration of interests” (Singer, 1979). This principle indicates that every living being deserves equal treatment irrespective of their kind, size or power. There are several sub-arguments in this article. The first one is that although some animals like those animals with thick skins have the capacity to feel lesser degree of physical pain than human. However, Singer argues that this cannot be the ground of giving unequal consideration to animals. Secondly, animals are used for scientific experiments because they lack the fear of anticipation and also because they are not considered in the same category as humans. Singer argues that since human infants and retarded humans cannot be used for experiments, so animals should also be prohibited from experimenting. Thirdly, Singer argues that people should refrain from eating flesh of animals as this not a necessity. By killing animals for food they right of living is violated to serve the minor interests of humans. Fourthly, animals lack reasoning and so they are less self-conscious than humans. However, Singer argues that degree of self-consciousness cannot undermine the importance of giving equal consideration of interests. The main conclusion of this article is that in spite of all the differences between animals and humans, there should be equal consideration of interests. The main reason for this conclusion is that animals have the capacity to feel pain and suffering and so they should be considered equal to human beings in spite of their low intellectual level. Another reason is that humans have no right to use animals for the purpose of pleasure. 3F.

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